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The Magic of Maine
Women now have the chance to stay hidden, or to bring their inner knowing to their outer world.
Llewelyn Vaughn-Lee

The Magic of Maine retreat

Maine captured my soul and healed my heart | Maggie Pierce | Life Coach and Counselor)

Maine captured my soul and healed my heart…I am forever grateful.  It took me a while to crack open and let in the light, and when I did, the view was astounding. 


I moved to Maine after my husband passed away some 11 years ago. Through my grief I heard the Siren’s call, to come heal and awaken to my own brilliance.


I found the layers of Maine’s complexity welcoming and challenging at the same time.


Maine was the perfect birthing ground for the “second” chapter in my life to take off - allowing me to discover my purpose. Being on my own forced me to create a relationship with myself for the first time.


And it was Maine’s rocky coast that held me both in its calm seas and crashing waves; its beauty and harshness, delivered the stimulus I needed to grow.


The long Winter seasons where hunkering down is your only choice, provided the setting for the ultimate choice, to go deep or go numb. When you choose to dive deeper into your relationship with yourself, you are invited to restore, heal and reinvent yourself.


Maine will give you something new every day to keep you alive with wonder and curiosity.  To reconnect with your heart’s own rhythm, you must have the space to get quiet, to commune with nature, and to be surrounded by the support of like-minded others – all essential ingredients to help you be ready to hear your Siren’s own call.


I’ve been sharing my deep love for Maine on social media over the past several years and the constant I hear is, “I’d love to see Maine through your eyes and your experience”, “I’m ready for a transformational healing in Maine too!”  


Out of this, I birthed “The Magic of Maine”, a retreat for women to explore where they’re at and most importantly where they want to go or be!  We’ll have local life-affirming, intuitive, spiritual, and creative practitioners offer experientials throughout the retreat to support your inner journey.

We will share.

We will dance.

We will meditate.

We will laugh.

We will nourish and be nourished.

We will retreat to rest, reacquaint, and re-inspire.

Meet Me in Maine
Meet Me in Maine | Maggie Pierce | Life Coach and Counselor)

The next retreat begins Monday, 6/18/18 - Friday 6/22/18 - the perfect time to experience Maine’s Spring growth.  


For “The Magic of Maine” we will stay at the beautiful Brunswick Inn where your room is elegantly decorated for charm and comfort.  (


It is my honor to be your guide next June if you are being called to this sacred exploration in Maine.    

Magic of Maine Retreat



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until 1/9/18


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