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    Maggie Pierce Life Coach
     Live the life that you dare to dream 

"Maggie is a superb coach who listens with care and discernment   She has seen truths in me that I missed and helped me see longstanding patterns that needs change.  She does so with great kindness and lightning accuracy. She has helped me give up my Martyr behaviors and overcoming tendencies to live my great story."

- Kerry Bennett, MD, MPH, FACS, CPCC

Looking To Find Something More? 

Are you awakening?

Maggie Pierce Certified Life Coach & Life Coaching
Who am I?
What's my life's purpose?

You and countless others are wanting those things that should be attainable more connection, better health and a desire to live a purpose filled life. As a top nationally recognized and respected Certified Personal Coach, I can help you. 


As we get older our needs change, we grow more emphatic, become wiser and feel the urge to reinvent ourselves.  As your coach and trusted adviser, I will walk you through the process of real change to find true meaning and happiness.

Have you lived your life modeled after someone else?

Have you been the family giver, preempting everyone’s needs at the sacrifice of your own?

Do you have buried desires and dreams but feel time is slipping away?

“My work with Maggie was transformational and nothing short of magic.  After a single 45 minute phone call, I made more progress than with years of therapy.  At the beginning of the call I had felt powerless and overwhelmed about a particular stressful situation; however, Maggie masterfully guided me through reframing the scenario, and helped me see the steps I could take to own my power, step up, and change the dynamics for the better.”        – Wendy
Realize Your Dream!
 Together We Can Create Real Change! 

When you are supported by a top Life Coach like Maggie Pierce, you will be given the opportunity to dive into the rocky waters of personal growth only to come out stronger, clearer and more confident - lasting and real change can feel like freedom. 

I invite you to join me, to begin to trust and know...

•    You matter
•    You can realize your dreams
•    You are worthy and valued

•    Learn to let go of struggle

•    Alleviate your need to control

•    Discover tools for real change

•    Work with a top Life Coach 

Maggie's Life Coaching & Biofield Tuning Credentials
When you work with Maggie, you get a seasoned certified life coach that has a proven process that allows her to understand what is important to you, the change and growth that you would like to see, and what impacts you most on a day to day basis.  Maggie brings a wealth of understanding and a wide variety of key coaching certifications that allow her to provide truly impactful results

  • CPCC-Certified Co-Active® Professional Coach - Coaches Training Institute

  • Co-Active® Leadership Program - Coaches Training Institute

  • Certified Health Coach - Institute of Integrative Nutrition®

  • Certified Life Mastery Coach - Life Mastery Institute

  • Great Story Coaching Program - Lucid Living

  • Voice Dialogue Training for Coaches

  • LE - Licensed Aesthetician

  • Usui Reiki Master

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