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Here Is What My Clients Have To Say

I Am Grateful

Greatness | Maggie Pierce | Life Coach and Counselor)

Have you ever felt on the brink of greatness? Are you at the tipping point? The Crossroads? I was at a moment in my life where I began to feel that I had more to offer, and that I KNEW I was destined to do something great. Working with Maggie took that feeling from a spark, or belief, to a deep burning fire of inner knowing. We are often plagued by the stories we tell to ourselves and others in our lives. We tell overcoming stories and victim stories but working with Maggie helped me to learn what it means to grasp greatness and tell the world my Great Story. I recommend her work to anyone looking to deepen their connection to their inner truth and trust that they have more to offer the world than mediocrity. Our true state is one of infinite abundance and power and Maggie helped me to grow and learn what is truly possible in this life, and how to access this feeling within myself in moments when I doubt that.


All my love,


My work with Maggie was transformational and nothing short of magic.  After a single 45 minute phone call, I made more progress than with years of therapy.  At the beginning of the call I had felt powerless and overwhelmed about a particular stressful situation; however, she masterfully guided me through reframing the scenario, and helped me see the steps I could take to own my power, step up, and change the dynamics for the better.  She followed up as promised and all of this was done in the most loving, nurturing, inspiring way.  I felt seen, held, supported, and enabled, and almost immediately noticed as shift in the situation at hand.  I would absolutely reach out to her again and enthusiastically recommend her skill and wisdom without hesitation.  - Wendy

Transformational and nothing short of magic | Maggie Pierce | Life Coach and Counselor)
Maggie | Maggie Pierce | Life Coach and Counselor)

Maggie is a superb coach who listens with care and discernment   She has seen truths in me that I missed and helped me see longstanding patterns that needs change.  She does so with great kindness and lightning accuracy. She has helped me give up my Martyr behaviors and overcoming tendencies to live my great story.

Kerry Bennett, MD, MPH, FACS, CPCC

Thank you so very much for your coaching and guidance these last 6 months!  I am not the same person…I am so much more! - Carol

Carol | Maggie Pierce | Life Coach and Counselor)
Chad Schuman | Maggie Pierce | Life Coach and Counselor)

Like many folks, I have an “on the go” lifestyle rife with stress.  From guiding clients through retirement planning to having a blended family, sometimes that last person I take care of is myself.  At 46 years of age, I needed to lower my stress, improve my energy, feel better and look better.  Despite good intentions, the path I was on was not going to get me there.  I have known Maggie for many years but was finally able to benefit from her coaching program these past six months.  The results are simply stunning – not only do I notice improvements in all those areas, but others notice it too.  That is both satisfying and motivating!


Maggie’s program addressed my needs in a holistic manner and she took the time to get to know my physical, mental and emotional health.  Because of that, she tailored a program just for me that addressed my needs and my goals.  Her knowledge and willingness to work with my other medical providers enabled me to make huge strides in my overall health.  She effectively helped me understand much more about my body and what I can do to improve my health by teaching me a new lifestyle – not a fad, not a diet, but a sustainable way of living better.  I am forever grateful for Maggie’s expertise, gentle guidance and encouragement every step of the way. Her passion for helping people is contagious and she is a shining example of one who not only talks the talk but walks the walk.  She has earned my utmost confidence and I would refer her to anyone who wants to live and feel better!

Chad Schuman

Financial Advisor

Maggie is one of the first coaches to be trained by the Coaches Training Institute, and has continued to hone her craft since then. I was fortunate to meet her and engage in an exciting and pioneering business venture with her and other colleagues shortly thereafter. I have seen Maggie in action numerous times, as a coach, trainer and leader. Maggie goes all out for her clients. She is one of the most big-hearted, deeply engaging, transformational coaches I've know. Maggie is also classy, witty, delightful and tells it like it is while holding you in the space of greatness. You will benefit so much by working with Maggie. She is the cream of the crop.


Val Olson, MA, LPE, CPCC

Val Olson | Maggie Pierce | Life Coach and Counselor)

Here is my review about my recent sessions with Maggie Pierce.  This might be a little "out there" for some but I absolutely loved it!  I have never felt better!  I have known Maggie for years and she is one amazing person!  She has so much knowledge.  Combine that with her compassion, connections to All That Is, and her wisdom and yu get magic!  I recently had 1 Biofield sessions with her.  I have done a lot of healing modalities but this was by far the most transformative!  Right now, the first session is free!  What do you have to lose?  She can do it remotely so you don't have to leave the comfort of your home.  You will be so glad that you did it!

Angie Smith

Hi Maggie,

I just want to say how much I enjoyed our session yesterday, I found it fascinating.  I was very relaxed last night.

I've been quite upbeat and productive today! 

Thank you for offering me the opportunity to experience this with you and look forward to our next session at the end of the month.


Take care,


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