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I heard The Siren's Call

I heard The Siren's Call | Maggie Pierce | Life Coach and Counselor)

Are you the family concierge, preempting everyone’s needs at the sacrifice of your own? Do you feel depleted?

I was born into a family of women who prided themselves on how much they could do and give. Yet, in the background you could smell the ozone of resentment, anger, rage, and the mother-load of martyrdom lingering in the air. You could hear it in their sighs, see it in their eyes, and feel it in how they walked through life. Their ‘well’ was dry and they were depleted.

I had no model for how to balance the natural cycle of giving and receiving and I don’t think I’m alone. It’s taken the airlines industry to remind us to “put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others.”

There were no instruction books on how to live an emotionally healthy life. I spent years looking at others for the answers to my life, comparing myself to those who seemed to have their lives ‘together’. Always coming back with the same conclusion - I didn’t fit the norm, so I must not be good enough, therefore, I must give more. It was a vicious cycle of self-doubt.

In my fifties, while working through the grief of being a widow, I worked two jobs, raised 3 kids, while somehow juggling the house, the shopping, the cooking and the yard work. It was during a hefty counseling and self-development course that I noticed my energy levels were low, and so an afternoon nap became a treat. Those naps soon became mandatory. I was driven by coffee and denial. One day my body, mind, and spirit crashed. I had no other option but to surrender. My ‘well’ was dry and that is when I dove deep into my journey of self-care, self-love and much needed receiving.

It is wonderful to witness the rise of women around the world reclaiming their personal power and demanding to receive, equally. The Siren’s call can be a subtle whisper or a tidal wave that shows up and questions your everyday reality. In mythology, Odysseus was the first mortal to hear the call of the Sirens. Out of fear, this compellingly beautiful message was interpreted as dangerous and if pursued, would end in death. Symbolically, heeding the “Siren's” call does lead to a kind of death – death to the old to give way to the new.

Men and women, alike, are awakening to the Siren’s call as our souls stir us from sleep. This call is sounding from a deep well within each of us, filled with Divine beauty, energy and the knowledge gained over a millennia - a call only the bravest are compelled to seek.

Do you trust your intuitive nudges? Do you want to drink from the Siren’s well? As a professional coach, my mission is to guide my clients to discover their own answers for their life. Deep questions spawn deep answers. The journey begins in the space between the question and the answer.

Follow this blog to hear more about the Siren’s call and how you, too, can take the dive into the well of being you. Also, peruse my new website, I’d love to hear from you.

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